(GUI) Line thickness of wav display

Is there a way to change the thickness of the line that shows the waveform? I looked all over in preferences, googled, and found nothing.

The reason is that I sometimes want to take screenshots that get resized or included in video. Mpeg has a really hard time faithfully reproducing a one-pixel-thick line, and sometimes people are watching at a lower resolution than what I uploaded, so the lines disappear or are mangled with downsizing.
To be clear: I don’t mean changing the sound or wav data itself, just the way it is displayed.

There is free software called GIMP which can thicken lines …

In GIMP only select the waveform area of the screengrab of Audcaity,
otherwise the numerals are thickened too and become difficult to read when erode is applied.
Usually one application of erode is sufficient IMO.

One minute of video is 1800 frames. It’s not really practical to do in post-edit.

(The other reason is that I just want a thicker line on the display sometimes while I’m working.)

Does it come out any better on video if you use “stem plot” display? (see: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/tracks_preferences.html)

In some circumstances it might. But you do have to be zoomed in pretty far before it switches to that mode. (That was already the display mode, I didn’t know there was the connected dots until now.)

As Trebor wrote, you could process the screenshot with Gimp before putting it into the video.