Gsnap not making audacity start

Hello. Audacity was working just fine for months now. then i downloaded Gsnap effect, and now audacity wont start. It started the first time i clicked on it (after downloading gsnap), and a box popped up. but i accidentally clicked ‘ok’ before i got to read the box. now audacity wont start up. when i upen audacity, the small white box loading screen comes up, but the actual application itself doesnt start. what should i do?
and if i delete audacity and download it again… will my recordings still work?

Both sound files like WAV and MP3 are independent files and Audacity Projects (AUP and _DATA folder) should be, too. You might get some show damage if you were doing all that effect shuffling while a show was open.

Do you know where your shows are? One version of Audacity liked to put shows in the System folder and that created a lot of problems.

Get Audacity 2.1.3 from here.

And note there is a setting in the installer to reset settings and preferences. If you don’t select that, the new Audacity could be as broken as the old one was.