gsnap crackle

When I use Gsnap, it produces a crackle within the notes. I can’t figure out why and I’ve found no discussion of this problem. I’ve included a very short sample, first uncorrected and then corrected with Gsnap. I’ve played around with the parameters, but the problem remains. The selection used these parameters:

Detection-- min freq 40 hz, max freq 2000hz, gate -55 db, speed 4
Correction-- threshold 100 cents, amount 97%, attack 150 ms, release 150 ms

I’m using Audacity 2.05 in Windows 7 32 bit

Any help would be appreciated.

Are you saying this problem is specific to running GSnap in Audacity? If so, are you applying GSnap across vertical split lines? Are you applying it to long tracks or short selections?

Depending what you are trying to achieve, you could try reducing Amount and/or adjusting Attack. I found reducing both did the trick for me.

Note that Audacity does not fully support GSnap because we don’t support MIDI correction.


Thanks so much. That was really helpful advice about reducing both dials. It does seem though that my main concern is just to avoid hitting those bumps. Is that just in the nature of the beast?

I don’t know the fine technical details of GSnap but you could contact GSnap’s author at

You could also try Autotalent for Windows (VST): and see if that gives smoother results.