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Hello there!

I sincerely hope I am not posting this twise, but I cannot see the post I wrote a moment a go anywhere so here is another go.

I am a new user of Audacity and it seems like a nice programme, but I am facing a problem that I’d really be grateful to get help with!

When I import a sound clip everything usually seems rather normal at the beginning, it is for example possible to cut a piece of it off. Very soon tho all the texts on the tools panels turn grey and I become unable to give the programme commands. I am keeping the tack that I am trying to work on active ( I think) but still this mystery of grey, unactive text destroys my attempts to work. Is there maybe a command or a tab I need to know to be able to keep on working on my sound clips?

Another thing is that I cannot find a simple dragging too with which I could just move a clip somewhere else without copying. Where could such tool be? And also, a simple too to cut one sound clip into two pieces… Does such a cutting tool exist somewhere?

I would highly appreciate any help with these issues!

Thank you so very much already!

Johanna :slight_smile:

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See your other post:

You want the Time Shift tool (shortcut is the F5 key.)