Green bar in Audacity said ‘NERO’

Saw something I thought was strange before…
On my old PC using Audacity 2.0.3.
I was amplifying a 62 minute 1.99GB 24bit/96 .WAV and while the file was amplifying on the pop up box green progress bar the world ‘NERO’ appeared in the middle of the green bar.
I don’t even use Nero, wasn’t even sure I had it on my old PC, but seems Nero AG is part of “sync” that’s installed on the computer…
Is there a reason why the word ‘NERO’ appeared in the green progress bar while Audacity was amplifying my file? It’s not something I’ve ever seen before…
Would this have any effect on the job Audacity was doing with the file?

I’ve never seen this myself.
Audacity does not contain anything from Nero, and this is not a feature of Audacity. You would need to ask Nero why they think it’s acceptable to interfere with other applications without the user’s permission.

If it’s just a one-off could be Nero automatically downloading an update and its graphics getting overlaid on Audacity,
(i.e. just a cosmetic problem).