When I connect to record directly from my mixer, I need to click on an option other than Mic input, my only option is greatdy which when selected records nothing. I plug into the audio in / out which on my macbook pro is just the 1 connection. do I need to delete / uninstall greatdy? If yes how do I get another option other than greatdy. frustrating as hell please help.

Some MacBook Pros don’t have Stereo Line-In.

Apple (upper left) > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound > Input.

If “Built-In Input” isn’t there, or you have no provision to switch to it, then you are a candidate for a Behringer UCA-202.

You can plug one of those into all three computer types. The illustration is for a Windows laptop. They haven’t had Stereo Line-In for a while.


Koz thank you so much, ordered the Behringer UCA 202 straight away :slight_smile:

Behringer UCA-202. … Lenovo.jpg

It’s not the greatest gift ever, but it works remarkably well and it’s cheap. I have two, the company has at least five. A very few people have posted back that they had troubles with it and almost always in conditions where they could not control sound levels.

You can overload it. You should make recordings to find out what your mixer meters say when the sound delivered to the computer starts clipping/overloading. Never exceed that level.

You didn’t say anything about overdubbing but this is one of the Hardware Devices we certified for Perfect Overdubbing (Sound-On-Sound).®_UCA202_Stereo_bidirectional_USB_Sound_Card