Graphic Versus Draw in Graphic EQ?

In Graphic mode in the Graphic Equalization effect, the maximum you can reduce is by 20 dB. But I’m confused by something. The presets often completely filter out some frequencies - by infinity, and will show that on the EQ. But if you switch to Draw mode, and then back to Graphic, as soon as you switch back to Graphic, the cure shows a maximum cut of 20 dB. Does that mean the cut has gone from completely removing the target frequencies to only reducing them by 20 dB? Or is that just a display thing, and the effect is still the same?

Also, since you can cut/boost by much more than 20 dB in Draw mode, is there also a way to increase the amount of cut/boost available in Graphic mode? to go from 20 to, say, 50 dB?


The “Graphic Eq” and “Draw Mode” are really two different effects, but they share much of the same processing code, so someone had the idea of combining the two effects into one, with a choice of Graphic or Draw “modes”. The idea of combining these two effects was not entirely successful, and while switching between modes attempts to do “the right thing”, the two effects are not entirely compatible, so some compromises have to be made.

Generally it’s best to decide whether you want to use it as a “graphic equalizer”, or as a drawn FFT filter (Draw mode) first - switch to the desired mode, make your settings, and apply.