Graphic EQ settings help please

Hi all. This is my first post on the Audacity Forum. I’m running v2.1.1 on macOS Mojave v10.14.6.

I hope that someone can check out the attached sample and let me know if there’s anything I can do to salvage this old recording. I’m having no luck using trial and error settings on the Graphic EQ and I’m running out of options… and patience. :wink:

Thanks in advance. Stay safe out there!

I have an equalizer setting that helps a tiny bit. I’ll figure how to send it over any minute now. You have to use Filter Curve. Graphic Eq doesn’t have enough range.


You won’t get “good” sound quality from that. The best you can hope for is “a little more intelligible”.

Try importing this settings file into the Filter Curve EQ effect.
FilterCurveEQ.txt (412 Bytes)
Apply it and then Normalize.

Thanks, Steve and Koz.
I haven’t used Filter Curve so I tried fiddling around with it. The bad news is that I couldn’t get anywhere near the quality I was hoping for. The good news is that I learned a new tool. I guess that’s worth something.
Anyway, I appreciate the support. Case closed.
Stay safe!