Graphic EQ - factory Presets NOT config

hi there

have audacity 3.1.3 on my windows pc anda i found this.
-On Graphic EQ - factory Presets if you select “triple boost” or “triple cut” its NOT config by default, please fix the way it was before.

thanks in advance

if you select “triple boost” or “triple cut”

I assume you mean treble (high frequency)… It works for me.

You should also be able to save your own custom presets.

…Note that you have to be careful with boosting because can push the levels into clipping. If you see red in the waveform after boosting run the Amplify or Normalize effect to bring down the overall level before exporting. (The audio data isn’t clipped before you export). That’s more likely to happen when you boost the bass or midrange. There’s not as much energy in the higher frequencies, but it still can happen.

Its working but now i dont have the factory presets and dont have does values so cant use it the way was before…need values