Graphic EQ Display


This may be simple and I’m just missing something.


When I go to the equaliser, the range of frequencies available to me along the bottom extend from 20 to 12kHz. Is there any way that I can get the display to show up to 20KHz?

The available frequency range depends on the sample rate of the track. The highest frequency supported by digital audio is half the sample rate, so to be able to access a frequency range up to 20 kHz, the track sample rate must be at least 40 kHz.

You could resample the track to 44100 Hz (44.1 kHz)
but note that resampling to a higher sample rate will not magically add higher frequencies. For example, if your current track has a sample rate of 22050 Hz, then there will be no frequency content above 11025 Hz.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your answer. I just found out what was going on. Somehow, my Saramonic recorder was set to a lower bit rate which limited the frequency range displayed because those frequencies weren’t there!

I assumed that I had recorded at 24/48 when in fact, somehow, I must have set it much lower without realising.

Thanks for getting back. You were spot on.