Graphic EQ crashes and an update question??

Version 2.4.1 on MAC Mojave: When I open the Graphic EQ to use on a file, it doesn’t let me adjust it during preview, and doesn’t seem to work. I can only move the sliders when transport isn’t playing back. When I try closing out I get the spinning color wheel and an error report. Audacity freezes and I have to restart. Can’t find any info on the issues. Do I have to remove the whole program to download latest apdate? What about Macros I’ve created? Sorry to lay this all out! Thanks for any feedback! TC

The current version of Audacity is 2.4.2: Audacity ® | Download for Mac OS

We refer to “adjusting during preview” as “Real-time preview”. This is a relatively new feature for Audacity, and is not yet available for all effects. (Previously, all effects were “set then preview then apply” rather than “real-time preview”).
The Bass and Treble effect has real-time preview and may be adequate for simple tone adjustment.

What does “closing out” mean?

Which version of Audacity did you use to create the Macros?
Old Macros will mostly work, but you may need to remove and replace steps that call effects that are no longer available - for example, if an old Macro had an “Equalization” command, the command would need to be replaced with either “Graphic EQ” or “Filter Curve EQ”.

Thanks, Steve. Very helpful. What I meant by “closing out” was simply closing the program. It freezes.

Does that always happen, or only sometimes?
Is it specifically related to the Graphic EQ effect, or is that irrelevant to the crash problem?