GPU program build Failed at src\plugins\intel_gpu.... \program.cpp:401

my GPU is GT 1030 DDR5

03:53:29: Operation ‘OpenVINO Music Separation’ took 6.148000 seconds. Poll was called 14 times and took 0.039207 seconds. Yield was called 13 times and took 0.029020 seconds.
04:13:56: Operation ‘Pre-processing’ took 0.000000 seconds. Poll was called 0 times and took 0.000000 seconds. Yield was called 0 times and took 0.000000 seconds.
04:14:02: Error: In Music Separation, exception: Exception from src\inference\src\core.cpp:134:
[ GENERAL_ERROR ] Check ‘false’ failed at src\plugins\intel_gpu\src\plugin\program.cpp:401:
GPU program build failed!
Program build failed(0_part_29): You may enable OCL source dump to see the error log.

Can somebody analyze this error log , and knows the culprit ?

Hi @eaglech,

That GPU may not be well-supported by OpenVINO. In general, NVidia GPUs are functional, at best. What kind of CPU do you have? It may be worth trying to switch the device from ‘GPU’ to ‘CPU’.


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