GPU accelerated effects

I would like to know if we could speed up “Use high quality stretching” when changing pitch with GPGPU processing?
It goes really slowly…

On windows XP?

Well on any windows really. Though on XP one has to have an NVIDIA card to get anything done GPGPU-wise.
And Audacity isn’t being made anymore for XP as good little helpers to make users buy newer MS crud.
I have a HD7970 on Win7 with over four hundred songs to convert and was wondering if there is a way to speed up my “432” macro that I made to convert songs to 8Hz multiple via the “High Quality” mechanism in Audacity.
By default it takes ~1minute or more per song and I’m getting bored doing it by hand.

On a related note :mrgreen: - is there a way to make the process automated, i.e. for Audacity to open all songs in the directory one at a time, transpose it, then save it and go to next one (Goldwave has a good way to automate things but its transpose function is useless)?

Audacity is no longer supported on XP as Microsoft made that End-Of-Life and no longer supports it - that makes it vulnerable to hacker attack as weaknesses are no longer being plugged by Microsoft.

Take a look at Macros in Audacity:


Thank you for your replies. Looking at macros… Aha “Files”, didn’t catch that one before… :blush:
Will be setting up conversion right away… Thank you all for Audacity!