Got another one for you tech geniuses

So I have a recorded conversation on tape and went to transfer it using Audacity and it sounds like two chipmunks chatting. I went back to the original source tape deck and realize the conversation was recorded on the ‘double rec time’ setting as opposed to the ‘normal’ setting.

So when I try to listen to it on the ‘super USB cassette capture’ it sounds like two chipmunks. Any way to solve that? If not, can I record it to Audacity and then edit the whole file so it plays at a slower speed?

Thanks, you guys (and gals) are great, I’d be lost without ya.


Effect > Change Speed.

So this isn’t “tape.” These are all cassettes and you can’t easily play the 7-1/2 tapes at 3-3/4 to slow them down.

If you know the error is double and half, then the settings inside Effect > Change-Speed should do it.

I’m guessing the result isn’t going to be award-winning. Cassettes were only ever just OK and that’s if you did everything perfectly with Dolby, Metal and equalizer tricks. Each trick you don’t use increases the distortion and noise.


Yes you can play recordings back at slower speed, there’s a “playback speed” slider to experiment with …

Then use “Change speed” if you want to make the change permanent.

Halving the playback speed, either the physical tape or digitally on a computer, will inevitably mean that you will lose some of the high frequencies : slowed down it will sound similar to listening via telephone , speech should still be comprehensible though.

Thanks Koz, and Trebor, thanks for the image, perfect1 You are correct, I can indeed slide that bar to 50% and the audio is back to it’s correct playback speed. You did it, thanks!

Now a new problem, when I export and save the project it doesn’t save it at the 50% rate, it saves it as it was originally imported so it sounds like chipmunks talking again. So I know how to slide the bar to the perfect listening speed, but how can I save it that way??

Almost there, thanks so much!