Going Through The Manual I Found This

The Audacity manual strikes again! Looking for info regarding Audio Hosts (mainly WASAPI) and I came across conflicting statements.
It first says that 24bit recording devices are supported using this Host. Then below it states Audacity cannot record at greater than 16bit with MME or WASAPI as the Host
This is bad news to me since I’ve had WASAPI as the host all this time.
So, with an E MU 1212 sound card and windows 7 can Audacity record 24bit @ 96000Hz ?

This has already been fixed a while back in the alpha Manual for the upcoming 3.2.0 release:



That part of the manual has some errors which have been fixed in the alpha manual (for the next Audacity release).
The revised version is here: https://alphamanual.audacityteam.org/man/Device_Toolbar#Audio_Host (hopefully clearer and more accurate).

That should be “MME or DirectSound”. I’m not sure if the limitation still exists with DirectSound, but last time I looked this was the case. As far as I’m aware, recording with MME is always 16-bit.

Audacity can support 24-bit audio via WASAPI, but is dependent on the hardware and device drivers, If the device supports 24-bit recording and has WASAPI drivers that support 24-bit, then Audacity should get 24-bit audio data provided that Audacity’s “Quality” settings are set to 32-bit float (default) or 24-bit (not recommended - 32-bit float is the better option).

Sadly I can no longer test the hosts for 24-bit working.

My Edirol UA-1EX USB sound card will run at 24-bit but only in Advanced Mode with Roland supplied drivers. But as The UA-1EX is now EOL,no longer produced, Roland are not providing advanced drivers for W10/W1l environments.


THANKS ALL for your replies. Now I can finally rest assured my recordings are right.

Lol WAIT A MINUTE … how can i find out if my E MU drivers configure with WASAPI 24bit?