Going CRAZY! Plug-in ACX check installed and enabled but won't activate!

Hi there,
I have installed and deleted and re-installed the plug-in ACX check however it simply won’t show up as an active choice under ‘analyse’ in Audacity. It is showing as ‘enabled’ when you go into add/remove plug-ins… and first showed up as ‘new’ before i enabled it. I am using the latest version of Audacity and am on a Mac OS 10.14.5 Mojave. Just the final step won’t work… please HELP!!!
Many thx in advance!

This probably isn’t it, but when you placed the plugin, did you use the path with the tilde (squiggly line)?

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 18.57.08.png

Then audacity > Plugins


Quick note about ACX Check. It’s only the first test that ACX does to your submission. If that passes the basics, the work goes to ACX Human Quality Control where they find out that your voice is distorted and you can’t read out loud.

There is also a trick to preparing an ACX test.


And you can submit a test here before you send them one.



Thanks for your response… I did use the tilde but thx for checking!
Srtill no luck here but about to read your other notes… thanks so much for getting back to me!

Thanks Koz… this was really helpful info! Appreciate it as I am not a newbie to narration but I am a complete newbie to delving into audiobook production and doing more with Audible than basic auditions!

Still no luck with my Check button though… so frustration as would like to get all working!!

Oh my!!!

I habve just dumped and reinstalled everything and we are away!!! All working fine… thanks again!!!