I just finished recording a podcast (version 3.2.5) during recording audio sounded perfect. Dropped it into Premier to edit and it was jumpy/glitchy/max headroom !!! Anyone with a solution to clean up in post production or am I done in for ???

during recording audio sounded perfect.

How did you listen? If you listened to Audacity Playthrough, that has an echo compared to the live performance. That’s the only way to insure you have a clean recording. I’ve been known to listen to that when I’m making a recording where I’m not a performer.

You can post up to ten seconds of WAV sample sound on the forum. Sometimes, listening to the error can give us hints.

Scroll down from a forum text window > Attachments > Add Files.


You didn’t say you listened to the work after you got done recording but before you sent it to Premiere.

I don’t expect this to make any difference at all, but Audacity default sample rate is 44100. Premiere video sample rate is 48000. Premiere should know how to deal with that. This is a dirt-common cross.