Glitchless compression

I’m trying to figure out how to process MP3’s to maximize level and minimize dynamic range (withing reason). This is for playback in high ambient-noise environments, where often much of a classical track becomes inaudible.

I’ve tried the built-in compressor, but here’s the catch: Evidently an artifact with the compressor’s mode of operation (perhaps response time) leaves small segments of peak signal. While 99% of the track is compressed, those ‘spikes’ prevent the subsequent normalization process from processing the signal correctly.

The end result, unfortunately, is drastically -reduced- signal level, with a few sharp pops.

Lookahead is possible In digital domain, of course, so I would expect there to be a solution to this. Perhaps there’s a ‘limiter’ function somewhere?

I’m new to this app, but despite this hitch, it looks great. I will eventually get to know it better, but for now, perhaps someone can advise on this.

The built-in tools are mathematically correct, but they don’t always sound very good. Chris’s Compressor, on the other hand, sounds pretty good and does exactly what you want.