Glitches every 2 Second in New Audacity?

So, I opened a project that was done in the previous version of Audacity. I edited it some and then “saved as”. All of a sudden I have little stalls/ glitches/ pauses in audio every two seconds during playback. I didn’t know if this was a fluke or not, so I opened another project, pushed play, and it was fine. I did a SAVE AS of that project and a little editing and the same thing -Pops and clicks in that new SAVED AS version on playback. Not sure if it has to do with the editing or the saving, or what…

Very strange.

*Edit: It’s confirmed that all I have to do to activate the glitches is SAVE AS. I can open an old audacity project and push play and everything is fine -But, as soon as I SAVE AS -nothing else -The glitches in playback will start. Anyone have any idea what that could be?? -No editing at all. Simply saved the same exact project as SAVE AS -nothing else -and glitches start.

So this does not happen for me. :smiley: Perhaps you are saving to a network or cloud drive ? :question:

The use of cloud drives for projects is not recommended with Audacity and can contribute to damaged projects. :nerd: