Glitch effect in my DJ sets each Hour for about 20Minutes

I’ve started to record my sets using the following equipment;
Macbook Pro (w/retina) SPECS:
Virtual DJ 8
2x USB 2.0 Type A-B#

I’m using the booth out on the DJX750 (Phono to 3.5mm) to a USB soundcard:

Recording at 44100 bit-rate (same as CDJ400 soundcard and the output rate of VDJ8)
And I get this glitchy sound each hour for about 20 minutes during my sets. It slowly get worse and then slowly gets better again over the minutes it happens
Please help.

Before we’re very far out of the gate, I can tell you the Booth-Out to Audacity recording device is incorrect. I’m assuming this is how you’re producing the distorted recording.

My choice for Mixer Out to Computer In is the high-quality, bi-directional Stereo Behringer UCA202.

The USB adapter you picked to do the interface is stereo headphone out, yes, but mono Microphone In. So if you normally produce a mono show (one blue wave) instead of stereo (two blue waves), that’s why. My guess is you are recording “Left” of your stereo show and doing it with an easily-overloaded and distorted microphone connection.

There could be other problems with your setup, but I don’t expect what you have to sound very good.