Glitch art using Audacity

If any you are familiar with “glitch art” (also known as “Data moshing”) then its a form of art where you take a video and run it through a program that wouldnt support that file (fx: opening a video file in a text editor) and then messing around with the data stored in the text. However this can also be done in audacity from what ive heard. But i have no idea how to import video data into audacity, i have been doing glitch art in other editors but it is a huge pain to manually edit thousands of digits. So my question is: “Does anybody know how to import video data into audacity, and then how to export it as a file that can be opened in a video viewer?” If so, then please let me know, thanks!

Btw heres an example of glitch art (a music video by Kanye west that uses data moshing)

You can open (“import”) any file in Audacity as “raw data”, but if it’s a video or image the result is either like white noise hiss or repetitive glitching.

However IMO that video is too artful to be created by the almost-random “moshing” process you describe.

It reminded me of compression-artifact accumulation, e.g. …

sitting in a room #1
sitting in a room #474

With a video editor you wouldn’t have to recompress 474 times, (Audacity only edits Audio, not video).