Ghostly Problem – From Cassette to MP3 [SOLVED]

Dear All,

New user here, too. I have been trying to transfer songs from cassettes, but I cannot do so, because even though the cassette is turning in the device, the songs don’t play. Instead, there is occasional whistling noise as when one turns on a microphone (with echo), and any noise I make on the keyboard can be heard, too.

What is bizarre is that a few times I did manage to transfer the songs; I haven’t changed anything at all in the settings neither before, nor after those cases, and still, the ratio was – once I could transfer, then 4-5-8 times I couldn’t, then once again it worked, then 8-9 times it didn’t, but it’s over, it doesn’t work anymore.

I paid attention to launch A. and only then turn the device on, but nothing.

Computer restart and turning it off and on don’t work, either.

Could you, please, be so kind as to help me solve this?

Version 2.1.2, .exe (but tried Beta 1.3 as well, and had the same problem)
Windows 8.1

The other way round.
Connect the device first and let Windows find it (you can check that the device is working by looking in the Windows Sound Control Panel. When you play a cassette you should see green meters reacting to the sound).

When the device is connected and recognised by Windows, then launch Audacity.
Look in the device toolbar and ensure that the USB device is selected as the recording input, and whatever sound card/speakers you use are selected as the playback device. The “host” setting should be MME and the number of recording channels set to “2 (stereo)”.

It works, thank you very much, Steve!!! :smiley: