"Ghost" image

When I use the Audacity (2.1.0) recording window, it creates an opaque white window behind it that remains on my screen after I move or close the recording window. It doesn’t do it every time, but fairly frequently. The only way I can seem to get ride of it is to close and reopen Audacity. I run OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 on an iMac.
Can anyone help?

I’m pleased you didn’t start out the posting with: “I think I found a bug in Audacity.”

Bugs are very specific things.

the recording window.

What are you recording? Live microphone (which one?), YouTube sound tracks? Built-In Microphone?

You can’t make it go away, and you can’t intentionally cause it, right? Do you have any clue at all of the conditions, like it always happens after the third hour of recording? When was the last time you restarted your machine?

When it fails, what happens if you File > New to get a second window? Do they both leave graphic trash?

Have you tried cold reinstalling Audacity? Just re-installing doesn’t reset Audacity. They’re different.


You should probably avoid this if you have a lot of custom settings and plugins. Do you? You can get plugins that cause odd behavior.


Thanks for the suggestions.

I have tried opening a new window and while it doesn’t create another ghost block, the ghost from the first window remains after I close that window. Also, I can’t say that it happens with any regularity or schedule. It just seems to occur at times.

I think I’ve restarted my computer since I first noticed this, but I’m not sure. So I’ll do that immediately. If that doesn’t take care of it, I’ll try the new install. I don’t have any plug-ns or settings so there’s no danger of losing anything.

Again, thanks for the help. I appreciate it.