Ghastly noise

Earlier this week I download Audacity to enable me to record my old vinyl so I can transfer the music to my iPod. Everything appears to have run smoothly until I attempt to record then I get a ‘ghastly noise’ that almost drowns out what I’m recording - this noise occurs both during the recording process and playback. I’m using a USB Turntable D6027 - hopefully, one of you lovely people can advise as to what I’ve done wrong or if it’s an issue with my turntable. Please bear in mind that, although I’m not a total Luddite, I am a middle aged woman who is a little technically challenged so, be gentle with me! Thanks xxx :slight_smile:

Try rebooting your computer.
Try using a different USB port.
Don’t use a USB hub - the turntable must be plugged directly into the computer.
Avoid running other programs at the same time.

Also, try another USB cable and make sure the headshell on the cartridge is tight (if it’s removable).