Getting variable latency on vocal recordings with Shure SM58 and my FocusRight Scarlett Solo

Hi there.

I’ve been recording rap vocals in Audacity until this week, I noticed a few recordings sounded like I was offbeat during playback, when I was sure i’d delivered them on-beat — so I tried to check the latency settings for my microphone.

I did the usual thing of creating a click/rhythm track and then putting the mic up against my headphones to record and to see the time difference between the click track and the vocal recording — but then it occurred to me that some sounded like I was rushing and some sounded like I was dragging — so I recorded the click track from the heaphones with the mic multiple times, I could see that each of the recordings of the click-track were slightly different, and slightly off-beat (either slightly ahead or behind the original click track — so they were either rushing or dragging by up to around 10ms).

Can anyone recommend a way to make sure Audacity doesn’t give variable latency output of my vocal recordings? It’s really frustrating because I can deliver it perfectly on beat and it sounds like I’ve got it wrong.

I don’t know if this can be avoided completely. One thing to try is to add sync pulses prior to the beginning of your recording and find a way to feed this back as you overdub. Then simply align these pulses after the fact.

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