Getting to record my vinyl

Hey everyone

This shouldn’t take long, I have a mac book pro which I only bought in November along with a stage line DJP-104USB turntable to record my huge collection of vinyl

Plugged in my USB turntable, made sure it was on phono… opened audacity and pressed record… nothing… recording nothing. So, I know it’s all to do with preferences and stuff. I’ve tried a few different inputs etc but can’t seem to nail it. What should they be and will it be stored every time i switch it on? I’ve got in excess of 300+ records to get through! Please help!

It’s good to insure the connection is made and the Mac knows about it before you fire up Audacity.

You only plugged in the USB connection, right? Nothing else?

Did you keep the receipts for the turntable?

Close Audacity.

Apple (upper left) > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound > Input.
One of those selections should be “USB Something.” Select it and play a record. The blue ball sound meter should jump. Close.

Launch Audacity. Audacity > Preferences > Devices > Recording. Select the same USB-Something. OK.

Press Record.


ok, i’ll try that…

I actually managed to record a record… i couldn’t hear it but i could when i pressed play… weird

See “playthrough” in preferences …