Getting started

I’ve been offered a slot by a radio station. They want me to prerecord the segment and send it to them as an MP3 file. There is also the need for me to create introduction and closing theme music. I’ve got two files for the theme music. But I only need a portion from both.

So can somebody please tell me how do I get started?

So can somebody please tell me how do I get started?

Start by producing the first few shows at the station under their supervision. After you get the swing of it, slowly peel off and start producing it at home.

If you don’t do something like that, your first show could be weeks away—and that’s if everything goes well.

The current champion of production setup is Ian in Hollywood (the actual neighborhood). It took us about a year to set him up and all he wanted to do was record an audiobook.


So it really is that involved then?

Creating a broadcast quality radio show is similar to producing a podcast, but generally much higher quality.
There are thousands of websites about making podcasts. There are books and university courses about radio production. Presenting, script writing, audio recording, audio editing, directing, producing… are all huge subjects. You don’t need to master all of them to get started, but you do need to have some idea about what is involved.

We can help you when you have a specific question about using Audacity, but “how do I record a radio show” is far too broad a question for this forum.

I think I’ve got the speaking part covered. I’ve been tooling around and been able to cut and paste music clips I need for the opening and closing theme songs and export them into separate files. So if I now proceed to record the segment proper. Is joining them together really an advanced technique? Just see if you can give me a bit of an idea please.

That’s pretty straightforward. There’s a tutorial about making a words and music podcast that you will probably find helpful: Tutorial - Mixing a Narration With Background Music - Audacity Manual

They want me to prerecord the segment and send it to them as an MP3 file.

Did they give you any more direction than that? There was a posting from a home broadcast producer who complained that the station could broadcast his efforts, but then couldn’t make the on-line version of the show because of MP3 compression distortion. There was a painful work-around for that (make an Audio CD of the show, drive to the station…).

MP3 is a time bomb. Where are you getting the music from? Download MP3, right? Find out if you can deliver WAV rather than MP3. Export the show WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit and deliver that.