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Hi everyone, this is my second go at using Audacity. I have recently purchased a few old vinyls and want to burn them on to CDs but haven’t a clue where to start. I have downloaded Audacity and just can’t fathom how to get the music from the vinyl to the computer. I am running Windows 8. So what I need is to be led step by step - in point form please - and in words of almost one syllable where possible, through the procedure. Last time I attempted this I was accused by one of your members of being totally computer illiterate and to give up. This advice was no help at all and I did, in fact, give up. But I am back again and determined to get it to work. So, please, patient ones only, I would very much appreciate some help.

HI JOanH, you will need an 3.5mm audio jack that connects to your PC’s “LINE IN” socket in the back — & your LP Player end should have 2 RCA audio pins . These are old style pins that have one red and one black or yellow pins that you used to connect to your VCR to TV, etc, remember?
Once connected, dble. click your speaker ICON (on the rt. bottom taskbar of your PC desktop) → click on “Mixer” → Under – Applications -->Click on System SOunds ICON–> Under RECORDING → Check on LINE IN → set as default (on bottom → OK/ apply).

Next, open Audacity Program. When open, Go to Edit → Preferences ( on bottom) → Devices → Under Recording, Sel. "LINE-IN (hi def Audio device) → OK.

Now try Playing from your LP record player and hit the red RECORD button on Audacity program. You should see the wave form coming up here. You are good to go.
Save your files by → File–> export -->give a name , Select “Save as type” as .WAV or .MP3 , etc. Done.

Make sure you assign the “Audacity Temp” location → under Edit - preferences - directories - --will show the link to your Temporary File Directory. Please empty this when done recording.

hoe this helps - best - simsan

Please start by telling us about your equipment and what you have done so far.
What sort of turntable is it (make and model number if possible).
Is it a USB turntable?
Have you managed to install Audacity?
Which version of Audacity do you have?

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That should be set automatically when Audacity is installed. There is no need to manually “clear it out” as Audacity will safely delete temporary files that are no longer needed when it shuts down.

It’s not unusual for you to be on a laptop with no Stereo Line-In like the desktop machines have, so some of that solution above may not work for you.

Connecting the turntable is a big deal depending on what you have. Pretend you’re telling us how to buy the same things you have. Web site references work.


Thanks Simsan. Firstly we have a MBeat USB Turntable and Cassette to Digital Recorder Model:USB-Tr08. Only two leads came with it - 1 x USB Interface which plugs into the rear of the player and the PC/laptop and one main power cord. On the back of the player according to the book which came with it is an RCA Audio Out which is to connect with external speakers, for which we have no leads. We have connected the USB Interface lead to the player and to one of the USB points on the PC and the other to the power. When I follow your instructions I am unable to select Line In - it is telling me it is not connected. So I can’t even get to step 1.
In answer to your question, Steve, we have downloaded Audacity software. To the best of my knowledge it is the latest version.
And we are running Windows 8.

For a USB player you don’t want “Line In”, you need to select the USB option in the device toolbar.
(that’s why I asked what sort of turntable).
Ensure that the turntable is connected to the computer and powered on before you open Audacity.

There is a guide to recording with USB turntables in the manual: