Getting Started


I really new to the software, and besides importing raw a file to audacity and attempting to play it back to see if the import process was done correctly, which it was not, I’m

stuck. Can anyone walk me through the initial steps of getting an imported file to playback. I’m using a hp windows 7 32 bit notebook. I’m attempting to learn this software

to get music ripped into windows media player, and music downloaded from the internet into my virtual dj program. It is not compatible with many music file formats. Help!

Import Raw sounds like a really cool process, but in fact it fails almost 100% of the time. So that’s not a good way out.

You’re going to have to nail this down a lot more for anybody’s software to work. What exactly does your virtual DJ software require? Are you capturing internet songs for your shows? Were you able to get that to work?

You can install the FFMpeg software into your Audacity and that will Audacity to recognize and Export many more different sound formats than Audacity alone.


Since you appear to be just starting out, you should know that double compressing songs isn’t a very good idea because the bubbley, honking sound compression damage goes up when you do. So if you download an already ratty MP3 song and make a (for example) AAC for your Virtual DJ, the music may not sound very good. It will have all the damage of the original MP3 plus the AAC compression damage.

iTunes has a process where you can download extra quality shows at a bump in price. Those work a lot better than normal compression.


If it is a supported file type:
File menu > Import > Audio
Wait for the file to load, then click the Play button.

If the file type is not automatically recognised then we need to know what sort of file it is so that we can advise you.