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Downloaded Audacity a few weeks ago and can record through the built in mic. I wanted record my guitar straight in into the laptop so i got a Behringer UCA 222 interface but cant seem to get it to record. Do I need a pre amp as I thought I could just plug in to the interface and I would be away. I am using Audacity 2 and a Samsung Rv 510 Laptop with windows 7 i also have a packard bell pc with windows XP. Any tips

thanks obee69R

The UCA222 is designed for stereo “line level” input. Although you can use one channel only the signal from a guitar will probably be a bit lower than ideal for this device.
If you specifically want to record a guitar then the Behringer UCG102 would probably be a better choice.

If you don’t have the option to exchange the device, or if you also want to be able to record stereo line level inputs (such as a keyboard or CD deck) then you may still be able to use the UCA222. For mono recording you will probably need to use the left channel of the UCA222. The Audacity Device Toolbar will need to be set to record from the USB option. Connect the UCA222 before you open Audacity otherwise the USB option will not show up.

Thanks I’ll give it a try.

I have downloaded some Drivers from the Behringer website and can now hear my playing. The problem is, there is a delay from playing the note and hearing it.

Thanks Robee69

You need to monitor the sound directly from the input and not monitor it after it has “echoed” through the software. In the Transport menu, turn off “Software Playthrough”.
I don’t know what your setup is but you need to configure it so that you monitor the live sound before it goes into the computer.

All I ve done is plug my Guitar into a Behringer UCA222 interface and plugged that into my Samsung Rv510 laptop with wndows 7 and started playing, listening through headphones.Sounds okay on playback just the problem I described when playing. Turned off the software playthrough and works fine with my keyboard apart from some background hiss haven’t tried with the guitar yet.

Are your headphones plugged into the UCA222?


It should also work for the guitar if you are using the same set up.

Ok Thanks for your help