Getting started

Hi all.
I am very new to all this. I do quite a lot of filming both still and footage, for our community history group. I would like to record bird/nature sounds etc and then transfer to Sony Movie Studio HD 10 to place on the audio line. I am connected to Audacity and the Sony recorder via the supplied usb cable but from there I cannot make progress. I get the twin sterio input areas but nothing seems to be going from the recorder to Audacity.
I am sorry to sound so ground level but the problem is; I am.
Can some kind person please point me in the right direction with some basic info?


If that is a video recorder of some sort then Audacity will probably not recognise it. Audacity is only for audio and the data from a video device is likely to include both audio and video.

You can probably export and import WAV files from Sony Movie Studio HD 10 (see the Movie Studio manual for how to do that).
Audacity can import and export WAV files, so if you export a WAV file from Sony Movie Studio HD 10 then you will be able to import it into Audacity for editing (File menu > Import > Audio). After editing, use “File menu > Export” and select “WAV” as the export file format. The edited file can then be imported back into Sony Movie Studio HD 10.

I am so sorry, Steve, I should have given you more info. I have Windows 7 with 4GB RAM and 500 GB HD. I need this (and more) for my film editing.
I am connecting a Sony Walkman, MZ-NH700 to my pc with Audacity opened. I have downloaded the .exe version of Audacity. I read in the manual that I should be able to transfer my audio (a church service with the usual voice, organ and singing) to Audacity and from there burn the whole thing to CD or DVD.

A frien tells me he had problems with the USB connection and he got on better with the twin male line in line out connection. I haven’t one of those but could soon acquire one, of course.

I am doing something wrong, but after hours of trying this, and that, I am not making progress. I am told I should be able to do it and it should be straight forward.

Thanks for your input, Steve.


From a quick look at the Sony Walkman, MZ-NH700 manual
It looks to me like you need to use the “SonicStage” software (supplied with the Walkman) to transfer the recording from the MiniDisk to your computer.
When you have done that you will hopefully be able to import it into Audacity using “File menu > Import > Audio”. If the file that you are importing is in a supported format then Audacity will import the file and you will be able to edit it.

Tank you Steve.

Yes, I loaded the SonicStage from the supplied disc but, of course, it is an older version as I have had the Walkman for some time. I downloaded the 2.x via the internet to bring me up to date.
I start Audacity and after trying to get my disc contents uploaded with no success I sit and wonder what I can do next.

After connecting, what are the very first steps, Steve, and how do I know it is loading?


Forget about Audacity for a moment.
Are you able to save the MiniDisk recordings to your computer using the SonicStage software?