Getting started to convert LP to computer

I am using Windows XP. I would like to add some songs from old 33 RPM LPs into my iTunes library and need help.Today I bought an inexpensive USB Turntable with no visible brand name but the number SPTM15. The Audacity software on the disk was out of date, so I downloaded the latest version from the website. I have connected the turntable via the USB cable. When I open Audacity I am completely at a loss and have been unable to get it working after 3 hours of searching websites, etc.
I see in the four windows

  1. MME and Windows Direct Sound
  2. Microsoft Sound Mapper-output and Conexant AMC Audio
  3. Microsoft Sound Mapper-input, USB microphone, and four Conexant AMC Audio: CD Audio, Microphone, Mono Mixer and Stereo Mixer.
  4. 2 Stereo and 1 Mono
    The Project Rate shows 44100
    What the heck do I do now? One option, if there is someone who could walk me through it by phone, I would be happy to call you at my cost.

Next time plug the turntable in a completely set it up and then start Audacity. The Audacity Preferences should show a Device that says USB in it or mentions turntable or something not Windows related. If no matter what you do nothing like that shows up, you may need your receipts for a refund.

Did you or do you have a nice turntable in the attic somewhere? You’re far better getting one of those working than trying to make a cheap USB turntable work. Unlike the turntable in the attic, this one is designed specifically to be put in the dumpster. It’s just some of them get there sooner than others.


This set of tutorials from the Manual should walk you through the process:

This recommended workflow should be useful too:


Oh and the transfer to iTunes workflow should help too:


And there is a tutorial on using ESB TTs: