Getting started issues

I’m a first time user of audacity, and today I purchased a new keyboard (Yamaha cp33) and i’m going to use to to record directly to my computer if all goes well.

I’ve read that I simply need to connect the L/Mono output on the keyboard to the line in on my computer (or in this case a mic jack since I’m on a laptop). I did that, but I don’t see that option in the audacity recording menu. I’ve already gone through the sound device manager and enabled all of them. This is probably something really simple but its just got me completely stumped. HELP!

What options do you have in the Device Toolbar?

As you can see - I can’t read the full names because the toolbar is too small to show the full name. If your computer screen is big enough you could drag the device toolbar bigger, or alternatively, look in “Edit > Preferences > Devices”.

Which version of Windows are you using?

Thank you for your replies so far.

Recording devices:
Microsoft sound mapper - Input
Stereo Mix (realtek high definition audio)
Microphone (realtek high definition audio)

Windows 7.

Before you open Audacity, plug in your keyboard, then open the Windows Sound Control Panel. Go to the recording settings tab and find the device that corresponds to the input that you are using, and set the recording level so that you see reasonably strong signal in the meter, but not going right up to the top. That input may be called “microphone”.
When you have that working, open Audacity and set the recording input to match the input in the Windows Sound Control Panel.