getting signal from USB Mixer

I recorded a track on Audacity with my Behringer 1832 USB Mixer. I tryed to overdub but could not get anything. I restarted Audacity and then my Laptop but can’t get a signal to overdub or ona new project. I need HELP please?

It’s step one or step two of the Audacity Overdubbing tutorial is that you get your system to do a straight recording before you get complicated.

Can you do that? Sing into the microphone and record it in Audacity?

Important step, can you play it back through your mixer after you made the recording? Those are the two important pathways that you need for overdubbing.

The mixer should appear in your system as “USB Audio Device” or something like that. If you installed special software and drivers, then it could say anything. This is how it should appear in the Device Dropdown next to the microphone symbol on the main Audacity window.

If Behringer included ASIO software or drivers with your system, then we get to go home. Audacity does not easily work with ASIO.

Screen shot 2012-10-28 at 11.21.13 PM.png

I have done several straight recordings & overdubs already. I have played back thru the mixer from Audacity too. This is something that started the last time I tried to overdub.

We need more information.
Please see here:

This is something that started the last time I tried to overdub.

Good to know. The overwhelmingly popular thing that kills people all the time is ignoring the USB device. Plug up all your USB equipment – all of it and then start Audacity.

Or plug all of it up and restart Audacity.


Do you use Skype or other internet phone service? They take over the sound system when they run and sometimes they don’t give all of it back.

Past the easy solutions, you need to give us painful step-by-step what you do with emphasis on the exact point you realize it’s not going to work.

You probably already know that if you have an Audacity launched and click once inside the red recording meters, they will wake up and monitor the signal going in without causing Audacity to actually go into record. This can be very helpful for troubleshooting.