Getting rid of background static on imported audio voice recordings

hey guys and gals got a ? For u. Im trying to get rid or cut down on the background noise on some of my imported voice recordings. Its mainly static and some other non needed noise, can some one help plz. The audio files r being imported from my voice recorder onto a SD card which then j import to audacity. Ive tried Google, YouTube but with no luck. I need it for legal purposes, thanks.

I need it for legal purposes, thanks.

The human brain is often the best filter and if you can’t understand what’s being said software is unlikely to help. Sometimes equalization (i.e. the Graphic EQ effect) can help with intelligibility to some extent. But most of what you see on TV and in movies is science fiction… If you’ve got crowd noise at a party, or something like that, you can’t bring-out a conversation.

And, you should consult a lawyer because there are legal issues if you start altering evidence. Then you can search for “forensic audio restoration.”

I’m just trying to get rid of the static and hissing and bring up the “other(s) voice.” Im keeping the originals just incase we go to court and I can prove that i did not doctor them up besides getting rid of unneeded back ground noice(static, hissing, ect).

You got really close to the magic phrase: “Help me clean up.” That’s usually the end of the world right there.

The noise reduction tools depend on you being able to find and identify clean spots in the files. If there aren’t any, they don’t work. That may be why the Googles didn’t turn up anything.

If this is the far side of a call or conference, your sound file isn’t a voice. It’s the call’s echo suppression and noise cancellation error. Basically trash.

Audacity can’t be used for surveillance, law enforcement, or conflict resolution.