Getting Rid of Background music on Mono audio.

Hello people, i was recording a podcast with some background music both with my tablet, problem is, the sound ressonated trought the tablet to the microphone a the backgorund music get too loud, now i want to lower it so it’s possible to hear our voices, i got the musics right here with me but i don’t know what to do exactly :neutral_face: any help?

Import both the show and the music as separate tracks, one above the other. Select the music track and Effect > Amplify: -6dB (top number) > OK. Still selecting the music track > Effect > Invert > OK.

The music track is now set to partially cancel the music in the show.

Using the Time Shift Tool (two sideways black arrows), push the music track exactly underneath the part of the show where it appears. The two music tracks should partially cancel. This isn’t easy and you might get bad cancellations as you shift the music track around. Perfect matchup is needed for the cancellation. If you used more than one song, you need to do this trick on separate tracks for each music piece.

If the music isn’t quiet enough, apply Amplify again and choose another -6dB, or more. This number is your decision.

Export the show to a new WAV file and the corrections will be burned in. This trick will not work if you did your production in MP3. Never do production in MP3.

If you did any production on the music in the show, this trick isn’t going to work.

You may decide that reshooting the show is the best idea.


Well… it was recorded in MP3… :cry:
But i will try it as soon as I get home, wish me luck :unamused:

MP3 is a compressed medium and because of that, voice and music tracks are damaged and never exactly match each other. That usually kills the cancellation trick.

MP3 seems to be really cool because it makes really small files, are easy to transfer around the internet and they’re universal – everybody can play MP3 files. But they work by creating sound damage and that can kill you when you’re trying to create a show.