getting or sending current position (play or record)


maybe not a “scripting” question but:

(theater context) we want to display the current audio position on remote displays. a video cable connected to a 2nd output of audacity computer is impractical, and does not allow control of the presentation to the level we are hoping for.

ideally, i would query Audacity and retrieve this information (once per second or so) and display it myself. or maybe Audacity can emit it? (perhaps through Midi Time Clock?).

i tried searching the different ressources and did not find anything that helped around the notion of “current position” or timecode.


Audacity does not have MIDI clock control, or Jack Transport control, and you can’t get the play position from scripting commands.
However, you can tell Audacity where to start playback via Python scripting (which gives you the initial play position), and you can measure elapsed time with Python, so the current play position may be calculated as:

Start position + elapsed time = current position