Getting or Making Accompanying Tracks

I’m new to this stuff and need some help, please. I play banjo, not Bluegrass but pop. I can’t find pickers, so need to get/build accompanying tracks to play along with. I’ve used Audacity to speed up and slow down mp3 tracks, but filters don’t work. What do I have to do to get, say, a bass, tuba, guitar extracted from a tune or build one of these in Audacity or some other app? Any help would be appreciated.

There is something called Spleeter that’s supposed to separate different instruments & vocals. There’s more than one website for it, so you may have to search-around. (I haven’t played around with it, but AI getting more powerful everyday!)

But the real solution is probably MIDI. I usually say “MIDI is sheet music for computers”. A MIDI file is “notes & timing” (and some other information). The actual audio is generated by virtual instruments, or it can be played on a MIDI keyboard. So basically, the instruments are already separated and you can change virtual instruments, etc. And you can freely change notes or tempo.

And of course you can compose and perform your own MIDI music… One person can be a full band/orchestra (except for vocals). Most TV & movie background music is now MIDI generated.

Audacity is NOT a MIDI application (it has some VERY limited MIDI capabilities) so you’ll have to find (and learn) another application.

As you may know, MP3 is lossy compression. It’s not necessarily terrible (it can often sound identical to the uncompressed original). But when you open it it gets decompressed. If you then re-export it as MP3 it goes through another generation of lossy compression and SOME damage accumulates each time.

If you want MP3, ideally you should compress ONCE as the last step. But if you are “stuck” with an MP3 original, you should try to minimize the generations of re-compression.

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