getting my mic back to a mic

i am using windows 8.1 and audacity 2.1.1
i am using a usbturntable to transfer vinyl to my pc . ive got theat bit sorted just about but the problem now is that audacity uses the mic input for the turntable but when i try to use the mic on raidcall none can hear me ive tried deleting audacity uninstalling all sound and reinstalling but nothing seems to work
can anyone help me please :imp:

I don’t have Win8, but try opening the Windows Control panel and re-select the microphone as your default “recording input”. (I realize you may not be recording, but your recording device is your audio input device and the playback device is your audio output device.

On Win7, you can right-click the volume control icon and then click Recording Devices, but I don’t know if Win8 is the same.

I found [u]these instructions[/u] for accessing the Windows Sound Control Panel.

So Windows 8 does still have those baby-blue bouncing sound meters. I’ve been sending people off to find them not knowing if they succeeded or not.


Windows 8 has exactly the same “Sound” applet as Windows 7.

It even says so here on our very own Wiki page: