Getting Mac to recognize different input [SOLVED]

Hello! I record commercials for a local radio station and recently upgraded my equipment from a handheld digital recorder (Olympus Dm 420 which I would download to my Mac Book Pro OS X 10.6.8 and then upload to Audacity 2.0.6). I am now using a condenser mic and running it through an Onyx Blackjack interface directly into Audacity and realize that my computer is using its built-in input and not recognizing the new mic/Blackjack interface. How can I change this? Thanks a million!!

Does the Onyx USB light come on when you plug the Onyx into the MBP?

Can you hear your performance if you plug headphones into the Onyx? Does the Microphone Phantom Power light come on if it has one? Did you select Phantom Power if the microphone needs it?

You should know that Audacity checks for new devices and services when it starts. So connect the Onyx, let it stabilize and restart Audacity. You can also Transport > Rescan.

Did that do it?


Koz, you rock.
I plugged everything in and restarted Audacity and yup, it recognized the Onyx!! The whole set up sounds fantastic and I couldn’t be happier. You and your expertise are indeed the highlight of my day!