getting labels to move when track is edited

Hello - I have the latest 10.11.4 OS X and am using the 2.1.2 version of Audacity.

I have a mono track that I’m putting labels on so I know where to edit my audio - add things, redo things, etc. Yet, I’ve noticed that when I edit the track, the label doesn’t stay stuck in the place that needs editing. i.e. I have to edit my track at 1:13 and 2:15. So I edit the track at 1:13 by adding a section of dialogue. When I paste it, the label that is at 2:15 stays at 2:15 instead of moving with the actual bit that is now at 3:45 that still needs editing.

Is there a way to have the labels move so that they are always at the point in track that needs editing?

There’s a way to link the tracks. I need to wait until I’m on a real computer. Someone else will drop in.

Tracks > Sync Lock Tracks.


When you’re editing, you have to select the label track as well.