Getting iOS devises to recognize recordings from the cloud

I have recorded some obscure LP’s to AIFF formate, transferred them to iTunes and converted them ti ACC files. I cannot see them on my iPhone or iPad to play them. How do I get them to play on iOS devises?

I don’t know that you need AAC. You only need that if you plan on copy protecting your work or including a lot of detailed metadata. MP3 should work just fine, and you can do that right out of Audacity.

Mount your iPad, iPod or other device on your Mac with the interconnect or USB cable. The device should mount itself in the Mac’s iTunes. Older iPods will mount on the desktop, too. Drag and Drop to either the Music system or the iTunes system. You can create and transfer playlists, too.

This is a little easier if you View > Show Sidebar. The Sidebar has your mounted devices, playlists, and iTunes management. The latest iTunes versions default to Sidebar Off, which I think is a mistake.

I do this all the time when I want to listen to talk performances on my iPod while I’m out walking.

Doing it to an iPhone may be a little more of an adventure. I don’t have one of those.