getting individual control of left and right channels durin

I am using a focusrite scarlett 2/2 on a pc with windows 8. i am transferring some old cassettes of my music and am having a problem with the stereo track. it seems to be two tracks of the right channel. if I adjust the right level control on my interface both channel meters adjust. if i unplug the channels the left makes no difference but unplugging the right will cut all signal to both sides. I have the focusrite selected as the device and stereo selected and one channel selected as right and another as left. when monitoring through my interface I can adjust both channels individually so i don’t think the interface is the problem.

focusrite scarlett 2/2 [

I’m hoping you mean a 2i2.

Just to avoid galloping off in all directions, is the performance completely correct in the 2i2 headphones? Do the 2i2 lights come on in expected ways when there is left and right sound? Nothing like ripping the computer apart when the 2i2 isn’t doing its job.


Could be a cable problem.

You’re going from unbalanced out on the tape player to balanced in on the Focusrite.

Balanced uses TRS jacks (tip, ring, sleeve, 3 connections). These are mono, but equal to stereo jacks like used on headphones.

Unbalanced uses TR jacks (tip, ring, 2 connections)

If you have a TRS cable splitter for inserts, you’d get exactly the problem you describe. But that’s a cable for an entirely different purpose.

You need a 3,5 mm mini jack (or RCA plugs?) on the tape player end that splits to two 6,35 mm TR mono jacks on the Focusrite’s end. Something like this (top one):

or this if the tape player has RCA outputs:

Exactly correct. And if you did that wrong, the headphone sound at the 2i2 will be wrong.


I think cyrano means TS (tip-sleeve) for the unbalanced connector, not TR :


Yes, Gale, that was one of my typical brainfarts, I’m afraid :blush: