getting going!

I have connected a turntable to my computer via usb. I am not getting any sound from the turntable. I am sure I am doing something stupid.
windows 7
audacity 2.1

Make sure to select the USB device as your [u]Recording Device[/u], and plug-in the turntable before starting Audacity.

(Sometimes Windows will automatically switch to the USB device for playback, which of course doesn’t work with a turntable, so check to make sure playback is still through your speakers.)

unfortunately that didnt work.
not sure in which order you are suggesting. should I set the parameters you suggest in Audacity or somewhere else and then start Audacity?

OK, you said you’re not getting any “sound”… When you click the Record button, what happens? Do you see activity Audacity’s meters and do you get a waveform? Are you recording silence ( a “flat line”)?

a flat line.

sorry,replied incoreectly before.
I see activity meters.