Getting filename from songs.

Hi. I’m new to audacity and i’m trying to make a beat analyzer that prints out the time of beats to an external file using a nyquist plugin.
So far i’ve been able to print stuff out but i cant seem to find any supporting documents that would enable me to print the filename of the sound file i am using. i’m using the ;type analyze plugin for this.
any help will be greatly appreciated.

You will need to do that from user input as Audacity does not pass that information to Nyquist.

;nyquist plug-in
;version 2
;type analyze
;name "A-test"
;action "test"
;info "text input example..."

;; input for name
;; Note that for an empty input field, ther must be 2 spaces at the end of the line.
;control name "Enter Your Name" string "" ""  

;; input for message
;; input field is not empty, so spaces at end of the line are not required.
;control input-text "text before box" string "text after" "input"

;; concatenate (join) strings
(setq message (strcat "your name is: " name ".nYour message is: " input-text))

(print message)

oh okay. thanks alot.