getting clicks and pops from recording

Anytime I record audio directly from a video or audio playback, the track has clicks and pops that I don’t hear in the original source. Is there a way of recording so that it records exactly what I hear? Thanks.

If it is something on line (Internet), see if you can download it instead. If it is a CD or DVD you can probably “rip it” (digitally extract). If it is copy protected, you probably shouldn’t be copying it.

Do you mean you hear these clicks after you have made some edits?

Because I’ve been making one long continuous sound from a small file, and whenever I copy and paste to make a new section, you see thick lines where the edit was made. When the audio is played back, it clicks or pops where those lines are.

When I click on the lines, it removes them and “merges” the sections together. Then the click or pop is gone.