Getting Audacity to acknowledge and read Lexicon Alpha DSR

After one of Windows automatic closings and re-bootings, Audacity was opened and a file was restored. Now, with a mic plugged into the Lexicon DSR, Audactity will not acknowledge a dynamic hypercardioid mic plugged into the Lexicon and wanting to record a vocal track. Signal can be heard in the headphones plugged into the Lexicon, but Audacity is not registering it by listing the Lexicon DSR as a valid ‘speaker’ source. It read it before.

After one of Windows automatic closings and re-bootings,

We might want to spend a little more time right there. Audacity will not cause Windows to restart, but your sound drivers might. Sound drivers have hooks into the Windows’ internals and they can cause very serious damage.

Does your sound device have the latest drivers for your Windows and from the maker’s web site?


Same as in your previous post. Unless you are prepared to say what your version of Windows and Audacity is, you’re not likely to receive the most useful answers. Please see the pink panel at the top of the page.

Start Audacity after connecting external devices or external mics, or use Transport > Rescan Audio Devices top of the Audacity menus.

This link will help you with finding out why Windows is crashing: