Getting an audio feedback when starting record session

I get this high end feedback, Like when mic is to close to speaker, Never had the problem with earlier version of Audicty.
System is windows xp pro w/sp3. input is through usb. When this happens I click on file/new and it takes care of it most times. Sometimes this happens later on while recording. This doesn’t happen all the time, just sometimes. Playthrough is done with Realtek HD Audio. I’ve double checked sound card properties in control panel and done the same in preferences in Audacity. Any thoughts on what could be causing the problem. Thanks

Could you post a short sample. (How to attach files:

input is through usb.

Input from what? Koz

Steve, I understand file sharing. What I don’t understand how to do is get a screen shot of what is happening. Any thoughts on how this is done in Windows XP.

I would guess Steve is asking for an audio sample of the hum.

Exactly what is the USB device (make and model number) ? Does it have the latest drivers and firmware?

You can take a screenshot of the current window by holding ALT then pressing PrtScr.


Yes, a short audio sample - preferably in WAV or FLAC format. Just a few seconds is enough, preferably including some “noise only” and some “normal audio + noise”.

Gayle, Thanks for the info on how to get a screen shot. I’ve been using a computer since about 1996 and getting a screen shot has always been one of the little mysteries for me. I’m using an Innovative Technology, LTD. turntable Model # ITUT-201SVR. As far as I know right now the USB audio codec drivers are current. I’m using USB Audio Codecs for recording and playback/monitoring is by Realtek HD Audio. The funny thing is that since I posted this inquiry it hasn’t happened again. If and when it does I’ll save it and get a screen shot and send it along. Thanks for all the help so far.

PrtScr prints the whole screen to the clipboard.

ALT + PrtScr prints just the window that has current focus.

If you get the noise again, an audio sample will probably be more use than a screenshot, unless we need an image of the Windows Sounds and Audio Devices.

Make sure you are connecting the turntable to a spare USB port and not into a hub. Make sure the project rate bottom left of the Audacity window is 44100 Hz or 48000 Hz before you start recording.

Also check this link: .


Okay! It happened again. I was hoping that it wouldn’t but it did. I’ve finally managed to save it in a small enough file. Hope it is enough. If it isn’t enough let me know and I’ll try to save it a little bit bigger. :confused:

Did you read the link I gave before ? White noise is exactly what it is.


Thanks Gale. I’ve since taken your advice and pluged into one of the few usb ports that I have and haven’t had a problem with white noise so far. Would a usb add-in card be considered a hub or the same as on board usb ports?

I would assume something like a PCI card USB adaptor would be fine. The problem comes with trying to drive too many high throughput USB devices from one USB port.

Mice and keyboards are usually fine plugged into a USB hub, but not USB audio devices.