Getting 4 Inputs To Laptop PC

This is no doubt a perennial question. How can I get four tracks simultaneously into my PC? The Edirol R-44 (Around 1000$) does this nicely with four channels of phantom power. I need only the bare ability to get four tracks into my PC. I can provide all the rest. Just four line or mic level inputs. What hardware is out there for possibly slightly less than the Edirol?
Jonathan in St. Paul


TASCAM US 144 (4 in 4 out)
EDIROL UA 101 10 in 10 out
EDIROL UA 25 I think 4 in 4 out
EDIROL FA 66 (firewire) 6 in 6 out

E-MU 0404 4 in 4 out …

Take your pic … limitations are on what sampling rate u choose. Some are not manufactured but available online … Windows 7 drivers on their web sites.