Get track to advance with cursor (instead of jump at end)

Hello all - is it possible to get the track window to advance as the cursor advances so it does not jump to the next segment of track at the end of the window but rather flow along with the cursor movement? Thanks!

Nail the cursor as in CoolEdit and other programs? Not that I know of.

You can simulate that by holding the shift key while you mouse-wheel or pad scrub.


In the upcoming 2.1.3 (hopefully to be released soon) you can opt for a pinned play/record head which keeps the head in the centre of the waveform window and moves the waveform.

What you will get to see is a new little icon at the left of the Timeline. By default taht is a downward pointing green triangle which will give current normal playback ad recording - click on that and iy will switch to a thumb-tack/drawing-pin icon and pin the head in the centre.

See this preview from the 2.1.3 alpha Manual: